Hi, I'm Adam. I'm 6'1" and 83kgs. I like mixing metric and imperial. I also like making work that not only makes people pay attention but somehow makes their lives a bit better. It could be a cheap laugh or it could be a behavioural change towards sustainability. If my work serves a function along this sliding scale, I’m happy. Everything else is just filling server space.

A London- and Berlin-based creative/copywriter, I’ve worked in large ATL agencies (DDB, DLKWLowe, Havas Worldwide) for the past eight years on everything from charity accounts to agency-saving pitches to worldwide campaigns. Having cut my teeth in film and radio, I’ve extended those idea-centric skills into a wider space. I’ll give you a shelf wobbler with an idea, if that's your bag.

In my spare time I enjoy long distance cycling, occasional volunteering and clipping pictures of angry people from local newspapers, without the caption.

Say hello! Deets downstairs.👇